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Watch The Herd Cover Wafia’s ‘Bodies’ For Like A Version

8 November 2018 News

For sure some of the best parts of Australian Music Month are the Like a Versions that come with it, this morning’s saw The Herd take on Wafia‘s ‘Bodies’ and strewth mate.

The Herd gathered some ace pals, including Okenyo, to take along to the triple j studio to cover ‘Bodies’ a powerful track about Wafia’s family’s struggles as refugees.

Paying homage to Wafia’s distinctive musical essence in the song, the cover ensured the weight and power behind the lyrics were still there.

“I wanted to make something really negative. And then I kind of sat with it and decided there’s enough of that in the world,” Wafia told Hack about the track last year. “I wanted to make something more positive and more about the unity and the beauty in seeing so many people deciding to flee their countries together.”

The Herd also performed their own ‘77%’, which came in at #46 in 2003’s Hottest 100, tagging in L-FRESH The Lion along the way.

Performing the 15-year-old, politically fuelled track, The Herd referred to how little has changed since the track’s release, “Can you believe how long I’ve had to do this track… I’m getting tired of having to say this shit on my own.”

Watch both powerful performances in full, below.

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Source: Billboard

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