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Hott or Nott Legacy

Hott or Nott Legacy is now streaming….

4 March 2017 Now Streaming.....

Are you a real music lover?

Have you ever heard a song somewhere somehow and say to yourself, “that should be on the radio.”

Around the Industry

   What Up Independent World!  The Industry is ugly so you know they dress it up and try to make it look pretty.  What happen to the abundance of money that was in the music industry?  The nay sayers blame it on piracy but the truth is music is more abundant than ever. What can you do or sale without music? The physical medium of the cd/dvd and Blu-Ray will be dinosaurs in the near future. The world is commanding more bandwidth for higher speeds to watch all of their entertainment and music should be no different. From the invention of the music video and enhancements in high definition production at a low cost, content will be abundant on the internet.  The question will be how do you purchase, store, and experience your content? How often do you look for new music? Are you a trendsetter or a follower? Companies want to know the answers to these questions;  who are promoters and who are consumers?  For the independent artist your future is abundant. Solutions are emerging everyday to organize this new business because the old one is insolvent and decaying. Join Hott or Nott and the independent industry and help us build “The Entertainment Industry Club of America.” The E.I.C.A.  Post your music freely, independently and intelligently with us at Hott or Nott Radio.  In every neighborhood, in every city, in every state, all over america are stars different from the rest.  We allow you to tell us what is Hott and what is Nott.  So don’t forget to vote below.

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Hott or Nott’s Legacy introduces………

Hott or Nott Legacy Mixtape

Hott or Nott Legacy


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