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J Creek “Road Runner” is now streaming….

23 May 2017 Now Streaming.....

J Creek

My name is J-Creek. Government name? Dwight D. Brown II.  I was born  1980 on the 7th day of May.  My father Dwight Brown Sr. and mother Marilyn Davis were highschool sweethearts.  Between nineteen and twenty years of age my parents conceived me and I was born at Tampa Women’s Hospital. My folks were just two young people trying to make a better life for their kids. Well at least better than what they had themselves. As a baby we did a lot of moving, relocating from various Tampa Florida neighborhoods including but not exclusive to all of the following and probably more to come.  We  lived in Smugglers Cove (Nuccio) Cross Fletcher (North Tampa), Hunter’s Fox and then after the sudden death of my grandfather Beaufort Brown, my father decided to move back to none other than his childhood neighborhood Belmont Heights. Since my grandfather’s death my father became responsible for his mother.  A responsibility we all must one day fulfill.

As a Kid I loved singing, dancing, sports and of course girls…. I use to look up to my older cousin as if he were my older brother since I had no older sibling. Kenny Andres II. Wow. Been awhile since I said that name. To me, he was the coolest, dopest nigga I ever seen.  He dressed just like rappers you seen on T.V. I’ll never forget being on the living room floor everyday waiting on “Yo MTV Raps!” on God Bless the Dead Alice Brown my grandmother’s floor model T.V.  My cousin would hide his lifestyle let’s be honest….lol. Family always talking bout each other.  So it wasn’t long before I found out my idol was one of the most notorious, robbing, killing drug dealers in Tampa. Unfortunately he serving 20 years straight for committing murder in Ponce De Leon Projects directly behind our grandparents house. Damn. Before he left he drop the most important jewels on me. “How to Rhyme.”  I spent countless nights practicing lyrics he would write for me because he felt I had a unique sound.  I was seven.

When they took my blood they took my idol. So I went with the little bit I thought I did know and began to create the young artist known as “D.J. Dee.” Yeah, this is my rap name before J Creek.  I joined a few groups thinking we could be the next, “Another Bad Creation, Bel Biv Devoe, Wu tang, Boot Camp clik, Buckshot Brothers, Lost Boys, 2 live crew. etc….. But what I realized was I can’t sing good enough to be the leader of a boy band and back then if you wasn’t AZ or Rahkim, Kid N Play, or Med and Red.  There is no love for you being a rapper from the south.  New York had music on smash but I still love my west coast homies.  Had them all in my line up: Snoop, Dog Pound, Dove Shack, Nate Dogg, Spice 1 and N.W.A.  

Eventually another opportunity came up for me to join a group with my other cousin Jerrald Parshon ( J-Rock Rocaholic Records) he lived in College Hill Projects.  We would spend night after night harmonizing, rapping, playing basketball, finding paper food stamps to buy junk food and hunching every girl from College Hill to Ponce de Leon. Summer time in the projects was something else. I remember riding from park to park trying to get a free lunch and enjoy the summer programs, attending church every Sunday like Jesus himself ordained us to go. As a child church could be unbearable at times. So, as a result I use to imitate everyone in the congregation to entertain myself.  I was the kid that would get popped in church because I  have all the kids laughing from my jokes and mimics. In school I think I was a cool, well dressed fella. I avoided most confrontations I could and I just use to be lost with my head in the clouds constantly day dreaming of one day becoming famous for anything: acting, sports, singing, dancing there wasn’t much I couldn’t do.  

As a child I attended multiple schools a private school off of Osborne St., Palm River Christian, Clair-Mel elementary, Dowdell Jr. High, Tampa Bay Tech and finally I graduated at Brandon High.  By the time I left elementary I was introduced to a whole new world in Jr. High.  Innocence is when your not exposed to the world and in most communities they protect the children from the outside world but not at this school.  Dowdell Jr. High. Right smack dead center of Clair-Mel city (The S.E.T.) Southeast Tampa.  If you’ve ever seen Morgan Freedman’s star role in “Lean On Me,” you can visualize the kind of junior high school I attended. This is the place where I was introduced to drugs, alcohol, guns, gangs, and that good green which we call “Pressure.”  I was actually surprised I attended this school but since my parents divorce private schools were out of the question.  The year before I started there a kid just got killed by K.A.P. We were around the ages twelve and fourteen. I remember Drizm telling me he sat there and watch the whole thing and there was nothing he could do. He wasn’t from where we were from and the only ones the “Kick Ass Posse,” respected was “Creep Dog,” a bunch of quiet sneaky dudes that got money. Only niggas even vicious enough to entertain the thought of a problem was “RUDE 3,” a handful of niggas killing everything, P.V which was another neighborhood all from the same side of town.  Other than a few selected dudes from each hood  could only kick it in your hood. Lucky enough I was one of them.

Now life is about high top fades, good clothes like Fila, Travel Fox, Elese, Cross Colors, Nikes, overalls, gold chains, rings and who got the money, at twelve. I mean if you bought Pizza and cookies everyday you was the man.  By freshman year of highschool I had hoop dreams. I thought I was the next Penny Hardaway but my heart wasn’t in it. That was my father’s thing. I mean that man could ball. I found myself at a crossroads with what I wanted to do with my life. One thing for certain, I had a weird love for money. In between 12-15 I was introduced to drugs.  The same substance that my cousin taught me about and the same stuff other family members started to smoke, cocaine. They would steal any and everything that wasn’t bolted. Money, cars, jewelry, if you were slipping you got “Got.”  My family was falling apart. At eleven I wrote a song called “When the drugs came.” I revisited this topic later in my career.  On the other hand, the same drug created a small fortune for me and my home boys. In Clair-Mel a pocket full a money, gold teeth and a dope car are the things to have and box Chevys and Sents were our thing..  

Around this time the “Hot Boys” were about to blow. They were talking about our life on their music.  I couldn’t stand it any more. So I grab me 2 for the quarter and stood 24th and 70 th street.  24 hours 7 days a week we had it. Coke, crack, pills, weed, you want it? We supply it.  It was time for me to shine or so I thought. It wasn’t long before I was in and out of jail.  Two offenses back to back right before I turned eighteen.    In attempt to get back on the right path, my father and mother whom just recently divorced decided to send me off to itty bitty Plant City, Florida for a few months to get away from all of the bullshit.  Whoever said your environment doesn’t influence you that is a lie. Your environment influences music, idea for movies and books alike.  My parents noticed change and I mean a physical change. First it was the gold teeth, then it was dread locks and then finally the tattoos.  It’s funny how you actually come from the projects and leave to come to introduced to a crazy way of living. All the things my parents tried to keep me out of was absorbing their son’s future.  You have to understand in their eyes if I stayed as normal looking as possible, got a good education, and serve the lord that would excuse the color of my skin because I am not like every other young black kid in america.  

So in my attempt to change I got a job at Sonny’s Bar-b-que but soon as my drug results came in I was fired.  I couldn’t just go back to hustling because I was on probation. So, I had no choice but to find another job.  I always felt like God was in my corner and as a result my older girl cousin had an opportunity for me at a call center called Fingerhut. She was the supervisor.There I met a unique group of guys: Rashime Rude Bwoy Shime Powell (Dread Hop King), Rashad Moore (Nife) and Darell (DeLee). We all just happen to work in the outbound area.  One particular day on lunch break we brought up what high schools we went to and just so happen to be rivals. I was the leader of my step team called the Brandon Gyms.  We competed in local high schools from band to step competitions. So to speak on that topic we spoke on what we were doing now days. I started telling them about the groups, the gangs, the clicks, the chics etc. We all noticed we had one thing in common, music.  The second I got home I hollered at Drizm and told him I wanted him to meet these cats at my job.  We caught up with each other after work one day and that’s when the magic happened. Drizm immediately book us a session at Omua Studio where we had been recording since we were fifteen and then on to Emerald Green with Robin.

In my hood I already had a little buzz from a song a did with Ike, (one rappers I strived to be better than) and Drizm on song we made called, “I like It Dirty.”  Eventually my new friends and I moved in together. All eighteen, all hustling weed, all hungry for music.  Our customers use to come and just hang out. Buy the weed and smoke it with us just so we could entertain them.  Our buzz was rising but unfortunately the unexpected happen. Drizm caught a fed charge and was gonna be gone for the next eight years. That close. The feds were knocking at our doors. The kind of money we were making we were all fed bound so everything stopped.  The smoking continued but Shime wasn’t playing with pounds anymore and we all got consumed with our jobs. However, some of us kept going and you can guess who.  The “Evenin Ridahz” were one member short but we had to kept going. One particular day a friend came to buy weed. He heard the music and said, that’s it! I know a studio that has everything you need in it for you to record. That’s where we met Rated R. Sassi, and Phyngahz. All of this happen just in time for Shime’s Brother in Law to come home called “Da Diamond.” He already had local hits with Isabomb from a song called “Straight to the Motel.”  

Harmon Bing, record label owner of 2-4-1 Records had an idea to sign us while signing his artist who was creating a major buzz  off the hit record, “I Ain’t Even Suppose To Be In Here Tonight.”  Universal was already at the door like clock work I thought our future was solidified. At that time our sound was more melodic like how it is today so it was hard to get people to listen on a major level because our  own label had one question. “How do we Market Them?”  We felt like we shouldn’t only rap. We felt like our soul should go on wax.  Unfortunately, it seemed as if our Label came to a brick wall and couldn’t get over it.  You have to think, this is 2002, before Drake, Rich Hommie, Kid Ink and Big Sean. Hell we were in “Next to Blow!” with T.I. and T-Pain.

How do you market a group in the time of Hott Boys speaking on political matters, uplifting women, to throwing money in the club. We were well rounded. It was my voice some people said. It was raspy and sounded ugly. A voice people wanted to hear. So I decided to put my group project on the back burner and started working on my solo project.  “Welcome to the Zoo,” was my first EP and I must say it was pretty special too. Dope beats from Mydo, Phyngahz, Crucial Beatz and more.  I guess that wasn’t even enough. I honestly can’t go without blaming myself. With hits like “ You walk Like you  Got good Pussy”, 2short and Lil Jon’s “Round and Round” and the majority of Rated’s record other than his hit.  That’s right yours truly was behind a lot of things in this industry. Now, things are different. I’m independent now if you don’t know. Legally and thoughtfully that part of my life has dissolved.  No one will ever have control over my future again so now I definitely have to work for myself.  It take special kind of person to do this. Now, Drizm, Uncle Vee and Esko are home.  EVR Music Group and Street Control Ent are hungry again and this time we got “HITS” Everybody eats.

ROAD RUNNER Produced by: 3 God Going Viral

Management Team: Vincent Unka Vee Cooper, Esko Bryant, “G” and Drizm Amenra.

Directed by: Kid Fresh

J Creek “Road Runner”
available at
Road Runner (Edited)

Road Runner (Dirty)



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