SOLD: HOTTORNOTTR/FPS/1/1/17PM12 @ $6.25
On Air
Poison Dart A Poison Dart Sound

Miami Base

Vibe Out on Our Frequency.

Miami Base

Vibe Out on Our Frequency.

From “Cocain Cowboys.” to Cashflow Cowboys.

Florida’s Ill….


On Air

Hott or Nott Entertainment “Radio Promotions” are international in nature. However, each region gets time on the network. This platform is perfect for companies with global logistics, small businesses looking to reach a bigger audience &/or midsize companies looking to dominate a region.


Need to get your product to the street? Hott or Nott Entertainment . has a huge network of street promoters. Get your advertising material to the masses! Hand-to-hand, face-to-face, and word of mouth promotions are still King

D.J. Review

Reviews are powerful tool in this business. A great review from a dope D.J. could bring a lot of eyes to your project. They are a great negotiating tool for getting signed to record labels and publishing companies. Get a review now and build your resume!


Host a mixtape, party, or wedding with us! Hott or Nott D.J.s can and will create a hosted mixtape that will be promoted to their fans and yours as well. Have a special day planned and you need a dj to capture the event. No problem!

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