The Trap

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 Welcome to Hott or Nott Radio’s Ad Market!  Imagine a world of freedom, no 9 to 5 and handling business as you see fit.  We all live on the web and businesses do too.  Now, from our makers at Hott or Nott Radio we bring you a solid income stream for generations to come and the rules are simple. Buy low, sell high!  Wherever people are they need somewhere to live and the web is no different. Since there is a demand for living space there is a demand for real estate.  Just like how we live in the 3 dimensional world the web is no different. Companies need to market their products and services to you all the way down to the local level.  When preparing their campaigns they must do tons of research before actually renting space on the net.  What if that space was available to you ahead of time. Hott or Nott Radio has a business model that shares profits with it’s members. This is our way to say thank you for listening.  Now that we have brief understanding of the company, lets get you started flipping real estate; internet real estate that is…




Hott or Nott makes ad space available:  Open bid at $5.00 but you can buy right now for $7.00 for ad space that won’t be viewed in 3 months. After you buy at 7 you can immediately resell that space for $10.00. A business comes along a month before your maturity date and needs that real estate to reach this market and can either bid at $10.00 or buy now at whatever price you see fit. Let the numbers do the talking.


Opening Bid 5.00 We own (We deliver Real estate)
Buy Now 7.00 You buy
Resell Opening Bid 10.00 You Sell
Buy Now Resell 13.00 Business Buys (Uses to promote Business)
You Profit $6.00 You Profit


I don’t care if you only have $25.00 in your pocket, you should be flipping stacks in no time. This is where the money is at so you should be too. Do your research see what popping and handle your business. Now you can either get started now or I can explain a few other different ways to get money with Hott or Nott Radio.


Are you the type of person that is always on the phone? Do you talk to anyone about any and everything? Hott or Nott Radio has a position for you! No set schedule just get on the phone at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, boat, or R.V. Take inbound and outbound calls from business around the world looking for internet real estate. Hott or Nott Radio pays a solid commission of 20% of the base price.

Street Teams

Like to go out and meet people? Hott or Nott Radio has the job for you! Spend your day at beach club or casino. Business want their brand out their and are willing to hire people to do it. Different businesses offer different amounts for these services. Check the blog for different opportunities.


Well, now that you have a brief overview let’s get you started.


Page Leasing

Hott or Nott Radio’s ad market has a page leasing system that allows users to lease promotional area’s on pages and rent them back out to the advertisers and businesses.  Each page has a parent page that tells page ownership. Page ownership will display:

Page Name:

Lease Holder:                             email:                                    phone number:

Sublease holder 1:                   email:                                    phone number:

Sublease holder 2:                    email:                                   phone number: