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Watch NZ Band Alien Weaponry & A Crowd Of Thousands Of Danish Metalheads Perform A Haka

24 June 2019 News

Over the weekend, Copenhagen’s COPENHELL, a three-day metal festival, took place. This year’s lineup saw bands like Tool, Slipknot, Scorpions and more take to Denmark for one of the biggest and longest standing open-air heavy metal festivals in the country.

Amongst the lineup was New Zealand thrash metal band Alien Weaponry, who were greeted on stage by over 6000 Danish metalheads, ready to perform a haka with them.

The band are from a small town called Waipu in New Zealand’s Northland region. Some of their songs are sung in te reo.

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Alien Weaponry open their show with the tradition, and for this particular show, they were joined by Danish local Kane Harnett-Mutu, who has been teaching about Māori culture, including haka, in Copenhagen for over 20 years.

In a post on Facebook, COPENHELL organiser Morten Skovgaard talked about reaching out to Kane about how he would feel teaching the crowd the haka Alien Weaponry open their shows with.

“I was expecting that maybe 500-600 people would show up for the event. We ended up with 5-6,000!” He said. “The sight and sound of that coordinated greeting to the band on stage was incredibly moving (I saw more than one pair of misty eyes up there) and resonated deeply with everyone present.”

Check out the full video below.

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